Parental Involvement

Blue Igloo is a vibrant community that depends on the active and enthusiastic participation of its families.  On a day-to-day basis, parents and/or caregivers join us for our daily routine.  In addition, parents are encouraged to support the Blue Igloo community in a variety of ways.

Parent Penguin Day

Each family is responsible for being the Penguin Parent two to three times per year.  Parents, not caregivers, help on this day.  The parent is required to provide snack for all the children, assist with clean help and help the teachers as necessary. Parents may also be asked to bring in a small supply item such as paper towels or water.

Special Events

Blue Igloo loves a party! From our Halloween extravaganza to to the graduation ceremony, parties play an important role in bringing the Blue Igloo community together, and parents are welcome to volunteer these special events. In addition, parents are welcome to share birthdays, songs, family traditions, stories, art projects, etc. with the group.

Throughout the year, there are also many opportunities for moms and dads to catch up without the little ones in tow! There are Moms’ & Dads’ nights out, holiday & year-end cocktail parties, preschool information seminars, and educational classes – to name a few!

Community Service

Blue Igloo also has several donation drives throughout the year in support of local charities – a great chance for Blue Igloo families to give back to the community.