Our Teachers

Sabria Lounes, Director

Sabria has been with the Blue Igloo Playgroup “since the day it opened its’ doors.”  She co-founded Blue Igloo in 2000, and one year later began her role as Director of the playgroup. Sabria’s love of children, boundless energy, enthusiasm, warmth and humor, not to mention her expertise in developing programs for young children, are at the heart of the Blue Igloo experience.

Sabria was born in Ourgla, Algeria to a diplomatic family.  She worked as a flight attendant where she met her wonderful husband Moncef. In 1998, Sabria and Moncef moved to Washington, DC where Sabria worked as a certified nurse’s aid and nanny. She has a degree in childcare management.  In addition to her leadership at Blue Igloo, Sabria teaches French, designs and sews beautiful children’s costumes, sings, and smiles all the time. Sabria and her husband, Moncef, have two beautiful daughters, Shiraz and Shanez.